Bwin Landing Pages

Promotion Landing Pages

The landing pages are used to complete the user journey between banners and Bwin sport page.

They are delivered in 10 different languages and displayed on multiple devices, therefore one of the main challenges is to keep align the final view following the briefed design, ensuring accuracy before delivery. Due to the high number of visits, to use a CDN like Akamai is essential.

Css Framework

Bwin promo page were changing to look better and the team detected repiting tasks, it was the perfect moment to create a custom css framework. Working with another developer, we made it from scratch based on a custom Bootstrap version, putting together the common functionality and elements, this framework gives us the flexibility to reuse tested code and styles, keeping the branding align along all the landing pages and doing the production much faster and productive.

Extra features

Furthermore, I came with a new prefiew functionality that allowed us to see the landing pages on mobile devices, giving the developers or designers a bit more of context. This tool is perfect to show how a landing page looks like to a non-technical person, or a better way to go through the approval process.